Event schedule

Wednesday 8th May

9h : Paddock opening for Enduro GP Teams / exhibitors

Thursday 9th May

12h-18h : Opening of training
14h – 19h : Opening of headquarters and Press Room 17h-18h : Race Direction meeting + Organizer
18.30 : Conference Center: Event presentation with Authorities (local, sport)

Friday 10th May

9h : 1st Race Direction meeting ; 9h-16h : Training
9h-14h : Enduro GP administrative and technical check; 14h30 : 2nd Race Direction meeting
15h00-15h15 : Enduro GP riders briefing 15h15-16h15 : Enduro GP bikes with riders around Bacau City Center
17h-19h00 : Super Test/Enduro GP

Saturday 11th May

8h30-10h30 : Starting process 2 H for one Lap (3 laps in total all categories)
18h30: Last rider arrival in the Paddock 17h30-18h : Enduro GP autograph session
18h-18h30 : Enduro GP Saturday podium
19h: 3rd Race Direction meeting

Saturday 12th May

8h30-10h30 : Starting process, same as Saturday
11h-17h30 : VIP area
17h30 : Last rider arrival in the Paddock
17h30-18h00 : Enduro GP Sunday podium 18h30 : 4th Race Direction meeting
20h00- 23h Enduro GP prize giving ceremony + dinner